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Founded by Robert Barbeau

Employees across Quebec


Synergy program 2.0

We offer standardized quality service using an organized and applied approach.

Signature’s service director, supervisor or team leader regularly monitors our teams’ efficiency,  at each of our client locations, using our SYNERGIE Program to:

  • Produce bids
  • Analyze productivity to  assess the resources needed to optimize work performance.
  • Schedule work using a planning board
  • Produce computerized inspection forms

A continuous improvement program based on the ISO 9001-2008 system:

  • Database management and analysis of  any type of non-compliance issue
  • Implement  corrective action plans when needed


Environmental policy

Our commitment to the environment is uncompromising and includes concrete measurements in our quest for methods that are innovative and always more beneficial for the environment. Our approach includes specific measurements in purchasing equipment and products having the lowest impact on the health and safety of workers and on the environment.

We are certificated ISO14001

We give preference to

  • Supplies made from recycled, renewable materials
  • Certified cleaning and maintenance products (certified by NSF, NFSI, Green Seal, CRI)
  • Maintenance equipment that is based on advanced technologies, is the most energy-efficient and is better adapted to each task.

Human resources

Our personnel recruitment and retention tools are:

  • Rigorous hiring criterias
  • Thorough training programs
  • A healthy work environment
  •  Safety training programs
  • Efficient work methods to increase productivity
  • Personalized integration and evaluation program